Introducing Your Master Clockmaker at DMV Clock Repair

Introducing Your Master Clockmaker at DMV Clock Repair


Located in McLean, Virginia, DMV Clock Repair is home to a master clockmaker with over 30 years of experience in the art and science of horology. Whether you're seeking intricate repairs, regular maintenance, or advice on acquiring a new clock, you are entrusting your cherished timepiece to a professional deeply committed to the craft. Our services extend beyond Virginia, reaching into parts of Maryland and neighboring states, ensuring expert care is just a drive away. Here's what sets our master horologist apart in the DMV area.

Who is a Horologist?

Our clockmaker isn’t just a technician; he is an artist, mathematician, and visionary based in McLean, VA. His precise skills rival those of a surgeon, as he delicately repairs components of rare antique clocks and fine watches. He exemplifies the patience of an experienced educator, striving for perfection in every mechanism he restores. He approaches each project with the care of a veterinarian, fully aware of the sentimental value these timepieces hold for their owners.

What Can Our Clockmaker Do?

At DMV Clock Repair, our master clockmaker brings a wealth of experience with over three decades in the field, offering a wide range of services tailored to maintain and restore your cherished timepieces in McLean. Specializing in clocks, he adeptly manages everything from routine maintenance to comprehensive overhauls, ensuring both mechanical and aesthetic aspects are meticulously restored.

His expertise includes fine-tuning chime rods to perfect their sound, restoring wooden casework to its original splendor, re-silvering aged dials to bring back their clarity and luster, and handcrafting bespoke components like gears or jewels essential for precise clock functioning. His care extends to the delicate repair of porcelain features and the restoration of intricately painted glass, preserving the artistic and historical integrity of each clock.

For watch repairs, we partner with, specialists in watch servicing. While our clockmaker focuses on clocks, provides expert care for all types of watches, ensuring that both clocks and watches receive specialized attention tailored to their unique needs. Together, we ensure that no matter the timepiece, it receives the care and expertise necessary to function beautifully and accurately.

While certain maintenance tasks can be learned and applied by enthusiasts, fully restoring a clock’s mechanism to its pristine state requires a level of skill that only comes with years of experience in McLean and the broader Virginia region.

Is There Anything He Can’t Fix?

Our philosophy at DMV Clock Repair in McLean, VA, is that no mechanical clock is beyond hope. Our master horologist has the expertise to design and fabricate parts, polish and revive mechanisms, and tackle any repair challenge presented. We stand firm in our belief that every mechanical clock can be restored, regardless of its condition.

The Clockmaker’s Community and Legacy

As a part of a rare breed of traditional clockmakers, our McLean-based expert cherishes the vibrant community of horologists and clock enthusiasts. He frequently shares stories of his most challenging restorations and greatest successes. His commitment to the craft extends beyond repairs, focusing on preserving a legacy that allows these timepieces to be enjoyed by future generations.


By choosing DMV Clock Repair, located in McLean, Virginia, and servicing parts of Maryland and nearby states, you are choosing unparalleled expertise. We treat every clock with meticulous care, ensuring each piece not only functions flawlessly but also continues to tell its story for years to come. Visit us and experience first-hand the dedication and expert craftsmanship that define our service.

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